Trout farming

Capital requirements for the program (project) in the first the year will amount to 510 000 dollars.


The planned capacity of pond fish farms for the cultivation of 40 -50 tons in year. Consider the profitability of growing 40 tons of trout a year from weighing 10-30, the planting material
If you are using the fry 10-30g (average weight 20g) must be 120000sht., then
There are about 2 m. of planting material that the current price of $ 12-13 / kg composition
vit 30 thousand. $. (When feed conversions 1 per year requires about 35 tons. Feed for trout, that
with modern cost around 70 thousand. $.)
Maintenance costs per year about 5 thousand. $. So, just costs about 105 thousand. $ In the first year.
When implemented grown 40 tons. Trout price will average $ 5 / kg.

Efficient operation of trout farms in growing 50-60 m. Trout a year can bring about 150-200 thousand. $ per year. When operating costs and investments in current repair of all structures in the range of 10-15%. Besides, trout farm profitability can improve the transition to full-system trout production, ie, creating a hatchery, using the pools for young fish.

Trout farming – USE OF PROPERTY
• trout breeding fish and other types of fish;
• Hospitality (using the existing complex, and moreover possible construction of cottage – the project area and in the present);
• catering business;
• tourist business (skiing, hiking, horseback, water and other types of – almost all types of tourism has good prospects for development in this region);
• fishing, hunting, recreation, sports, wellness,
Historical-museum and other destinations on the basis of the tourism base. The main economic component of the complex is based on the cultivation trout fish and / or other types of fish. The design capacity of pond farms 40 -65 tons / year. In the region there is an increased demand for these varieties of fish that. It allows you to schedule a large share of sales in the tourist establishments within
about 100 km from the complex.

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• House for the rest of 250 sq.m .: 5pcs. 50 sq.m. (Figure 1 and 3) $ 100 thousand.
• cafe-bar, restaurant, kitchen; 150-200 sq.m. (Figure 1 and 4) $ 150 thousand.
• Gazebo 10 pcs. (Figure 2) 30 thousand. $
• An office building and staff quarters – 100 sq.m .: 40 thousand $. commercial premises and workshops;
administrative offices and staff rooms.
• Building of boiler room (heating system 3 solid fuel boilers), 17 thousand. $
and warehouses 70 sq.m.
• The wooden building of 200 sq.m .: sauna – sauna, billiard room. 30 thous. $
• Water tower 15 cubic meters. 3 thousand
• Own transformer substation 7 thousand grids
• Fencing throughout the complex 2 m high. 10 thousand
• Bicycle and car parking (20 cars) 7 thousand. $
• Green hotel and recreation park within the complex 3 thous. $
• The bridge (dam) 7 thousand
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