Fund for agricultural sector of Ukraine is charity fund for general development and modernization of agroindustrial complex of the country.
Ukrainian agricultural sector has always been essential for national economics on and state policy. Needless to say, how well powerful potential of the agricultural state was used. Now under the influence of political environment and crisis agricultural industry fell on deaf ears of government.

Our fund offers numerous initiatives and special projects for the modernization of the agricultural sector of Ukraine:

– Integration of the agricultural sector in the global economics
– Strengthening of innovations of the domestic agricultural sector

The aim of the fund – to promote the improvement of the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine.

Our aims and objectives:

– Initiating of cooperation of agricultural producers at the regional and international level
– Promotion of organic farming activities in accordance to international standards
– Cooperation with non-profit and governmental organizations for providing the necessary legal and regulatory conditions
– Introduction of new mechanisms for logistics of the agricultural sector
– Active attraction of foreign investments and international experts for the dynamic development of the industry

We create powerful and independent country with great opportunities. Competent usage of potentially important resources of the state will finally define the lead role of Ukraine in the agricultural world space that will result in a gradual national development and prosperity.

Let’s unite and act together! Let’s build an economically strong state!